On various forums, I have read that your ABOUT page should be a killer, but mine would spare you and would focus on what THE BIZZ is about. So my name is Aneel Amdani and I am the founder of THE BIZZ. The project, has been an initiative to make people stay informed and share information that helps us understand the world, while helping me share my views on various topics, which may be of interest to many. There are many forms of learning, and THE BIZZ is one such. It aims to bring small bits of information in many domains. Namely, INFORMATIONAL BUSINESS, DIPLOMACY AND GEOPOLITICAL ISSUES, SCIENCE, SOCIAL CONSTRUCT AND ETHICAL AND MORAL ISSUES. 

THE BIZZ, as the name might suggest, at first may seems relate to Business. But its not just another business blog, and I can tell you Why. This one in general would provide you what might be important to me, but this would also help you read what basic information can help make huge difference in making worthy future decisions. Many teens, students, professionals, would be champions of their own fields, but the basics and the news that makes headlines are usually missed.

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