Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 900 - Is it true

I was just going through seeking alpha, and just came across Mark W. Bertolin article on  Nokia: In A Little Early, But Not Too Late.  Lumia 900 and the awaited info on suspense everyone is waiting for, can a Nokia Lumia 900 run Windows Phone 8, and i guess i have found an answer, if nothing goes wrong with my readings and understandings. As per Mr Mark, this is what he wrote:

"Last month, I had the good fortune to be invited to review Windows 8 on a Samsung tablet and the Nokia Lumina 900 while in Seattle. Nokia had been on my watch list since Microsoft (MSFT) announced its funding and support of Nokia. I left that meeting very impressed with both Windows 8 and most importantly the Lumina 900 with the new operating system."
I think this is the answer to all the questions we are going through,.

Nokia was trading at $2.95 at NASDAQ when the markets opened today, and has been ending in positive trend in past 2 trading sessions. But this won't happen today as the European Debt crisis and the Spanish bank woes have already taken a toll on the world financial markets. Nokia is trading at $2.75, being down 6.8%. This might be a turning info for all those waiting to see Windows Phone 8 running on a Nokia Lumia 900 or the existing Windows Phone generation that runs 7.5 Mango OS on them.

Nokia has also announced that they are going to start selling a limited edition Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition, but might be only 900 lucky people would be able to grab their hands on them. Nokia expects to return to profit in 3Q of 2012, while they still have a below average 2Q 2012 result, which might be a result of falling Symbian sales.