Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PONDering Upon Success

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So after a long time, we return to The Bizz, with an apology for being away for such a long  time, as well as being excited on what is there for the readers coming. Anyhow before going forward to US rating downgrades, and the unresolved debt crisis of the European Union (i wonder when will this story end), the dance of the Yellow guys (GOLD) and yes, did i ever forgot the fact that Facebook is getting ready for an IPO. There is so much to think on and observe, but i ll stick to simple stuff first.

successNow, our dear friend Sahib Karim Khan, SKK as known to many of US at The Bizz and Enlighter to the Public Speaking world, has very generously allowed us to share one of his Blogs, on the best recipe to Success. Infact one of the best, mostly acceptable and basic in nature, which will make a path for everyone who thinks otherwise. So Mr Einstein, we would start from one of your sayings, by the way there is no physics or ugly theorems attached to it.
Albert Einstein once said that “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
So the question is that are we Intelligent fools or Genius people with courage?

About a year ago I received an email from a student who wanted to meet me & discuss his career plans. I asked him to drop by at my office and the meeting was setup. While I was reading his email, I asked myself if it was time to act like an Intelligent Fool or the other way around. That was the time when I pondered and found out PONDering

So what is PONDering??

Have you ever come across people who were very passionate about a particular field, had the right skill set and attitude too but still couldn’t make it? You will find out the answer to this question if you just PONDer….

No matter how good you are, but if you aren’t persistent then it’s not going to work. Remember the song ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going’?
You got to remember that persistence plays a very vital role in being successful. Whenever you fail in life remember the Law of Seed and remain persistent.

This one is my favorite and I believe that it’s a key ingredient of the recipe we call success. Optimism is the belief that goodness pervades reality.
You will NEVER achieve success without being optimistic. Optimism to success is like sweetness to Gulab Jamun (a sweet in east)

A wise man once said: “If you dream to fly with Eagles, don’t waste time in swimming with Ducks.”
Networking with the right people will increase your chances of being successful in the industry. You must decide if you really want to fly with the eagles? And if you do, then you must network with them instead of wasting time with ducks. 
Social media is your key to virtual networking with fellow professionals around the world. It’s your digital signature so use it wisely and efficiently.

Dream Organization/Team:
If you want to be the best in the industry, then you got to be working with the BEST in the industry. Strive for excellence and join the organization where you could learn, grow and become a better human being. If you can’t find such an organization then switch to entrepreneur mode & serve this unmet need.

If you are dreaming BIG, you got to have a Dream Team to support you. No matter how good you are at doing what you do, you won’t succeed without the right team.
Now that you have PONDered upon this recipe, do not hesitate to share this with people who might need PONDering 


So, Success as said isnt instant coffee, even an instant coffee has its taste lost when the blend isnt correct, then how can the best in us come in without being optimist and fair with what we want to achieve. Hope this would cool down some speculators, guys, let the European Union do something, Merkel would have some plans for Germany………

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