Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Technology: Apple has more cash than US govt

USA has an functioning money balance of $73.7 billion. Apple’s most latest economic outcomes put its reserves at $76.4bn.

WASHINGTON: Latest numbers from the US Treasury Department display that the homeland has anfunctioning money balance of $73.7 billion(£45.3 billion). Apple’s most latest economic outcomes put its reserves at $76.4bn. The US House of Representatives is due to ballot on a account to lift the country’s liability ceiling, permitting it to scrounge more cash to cover expending commitments. If itfalls short to continue the present restrict of $14.3 trillion dollars, the government government could find itself labouring to make payments, and dangers the decrease of its AAA borrowing rating. The United States is actually expending round $200 billion more than it assembles in income every month. Apple, on the other hand, is producing cash hand over fist, as asserted by its economic results. In the three months finish 25 June, snare earnings was 125% higher than a year previous at $7.31 billion.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 31st, 2011.


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