Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Apple more liquid than US govt

US govt's numbers comprise its economic headroom, while, Apple's numbers comprise money on balance sheet. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

In the awaken of the financial crunch in the US, iPhone constructor Apple’s liquidity has traversedUS reserves standing at $73.468, coming to a record high of $75.876 billion, according to a reportreleased in the Financial Post on Thursday.

The numbers were cited in Apple’s latest quarterly earnings report issued at the end of June 2011, while the US Treasury Department cited the numbers for withdrawing reserves.

According to a report by Millward Brown Optimum, Apple surpassed Google in the ranking of 100 mostprecious international emblems, in evaluation to the doing well year, when Google covered the list.

However, the numbers will not be in evaluation exactly as the US government’s numbers comprise itseconomic headroom before the financial crunch, while, Apple’s numbers are founded upon theaccessible money on its balance sheet.

Nevertheless, the numbers display the development Apple has shown in latest years.


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