Friday, July 29, 2011

Twitterize Yourself Lets You Generate Your Own Twitter Infographic

We have dispatched some fine assemblage of infographics previously on our location, but today we are going to share the finest for our readers to see., the location on which you can discover many infographics, has conceived anoutstanding infographic device which is entitled as ‘Twitterize Yourself’, the device let you develop your own Twitter infographic by utilising facts and numbers from your Twitter account’s tweets. Read how to use it after the break.

Twitterize Yourself Logo

The Twitterize Yourself device can be come to at, one time you are on the page:

* You will glimpse an infographic formed device with a ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button at peak, bang the button to signalin with your Twitter account.

* Once you are marked in, you will glimpse two infographic kind choices to choose underneath, you can either choose‘solographic’ for just conceiving your own Twitter infographic, or you can opt for ‘Faceoff’ for conceiving an infographic which exhibitions the evaluation of your own Twitter facts and numbers with a random celebrity’s Twitter data.

* Enter Twitter anecdotes, for demonstration in first carton you can compose your own username and depart the second carton empty for a assortment of random celebrity, or you can even contrast two celebrity’s Twitter anecdotesby typing their usernames in the granted boxes.

* You can even customize your feature by choosing the gender, hair hue, hair method, eye hue, skin pitch and accessory.

* In last just strike the azure ‘Generate Infograhic’ button to glimpse certain thing distributed below:

Sheeraz Raza vs Barack Obama

How it works? Explanation by

We are Using facts and numbers from your Twitter account’s tweets (posts) blended with some twitter facts andnumbers from our associates over at infochimps. Our Twitterize yourself device will develop an infographic in an instant founded upon your information.

The ‘outfits’ and ‘accessories’ are selected founded upon keywords most affiliated for you. For demonstration, if you tweet many about wine makers, you will glimpse a wine glass in your hand; Go to the ballpark often? Then your avatar will be clothed in a sports jersey and so on. There are a total of 11 likely outfits that depict your general Twittercharacter and 29 distinct accessories that could be allotted to display your interests.

We don’t halt there, though! You’ll furthermore glimpse cooling design drawings of facts and numbers depicting theallowance of tweets, followers, persons you’re next and the allowance of tweets you glimpse per day. If you’ve selectedto contrast yourself to another Twitter client (including a celebrity account), you’ll furthermore glimpse who’s thelarger retweeter, who’s more communal, who’s more intriguing and what your relative followers to next ratios are, as well as topics you possibly have in common.

Once the exclusive Twitterize yourself infographic has been conceived, you can share with your associates byTwitter and Facebook and on your blog with ease.

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