Friday, July 29, 2011

Now You Can Add Your Expected Child To Facebook

Facebook users have been supplementing their family constituents for example Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc, in the family part under their profile pictures. Latest report by Facebook notifies us that users can now register that they have an anticipated progeny along with a due designated day and a title for the ‘unborn’ by selecting the “Expected Child” choice inside the family part, whereas no profile or sheet is conceived for the child. We have many more about this report after the break.

Expecting Child

The likeness overhead displays how it examines like when you select the “Expected Child” option.

To add this data to your profile, bang on “edit profile” on your profile page:

Facebook Profile

Then choose the Friends and Family option:

Friends and Family

Then eventually select the “Expected Child” choice, load up in the yearned data and save the alterations made.

"Expected Child"

There you proceed, all your Facebook associates now understand that you are anticipating a child!

Previously parents utilised profile images of ultra sound scan accounts and statuses to notify their Facebook friends about their anticipated progeny, so now they don’t have to conceive distinct profiles for their anticipated progeny with ultrasounds as profile picture.

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