Saturday, July 30, 2011

Internet Explorer users are dumb: Study

NEW DELHI: If you are yet to ditch Internet Explorer 6, a web browser released in 2001, now is the time to manage it. Unless you desire to be called dumb. According to a study by AptiQuant, a psychometric conferring business in the US, the average IQ of persons using Internet Explorer 6 is just overhead 80 points. In evaluation, persons utilising Opera browser were discovered to have an mean IQ of over 120 points.

The study, which was made public on July 28, discloses that in 2006 the mean IQ of IE6 users was overhead 100. This entails that in the last five years, smarter users have currently shifted to other browsers. For its study, AptiQuant suggested free online IQ checks to over a 100,000 persons and then contrived the mean IQ tallies founded on the browser on which the check was taken.

"The study displayed a considerable connection between an individual's cognitive proficiency and their alternative of world broad web browser. From the check outcomes, it is a clear suggestion that persons on the smaller edge of the IQ scale are inclined to oppose a change/upgrade of their browsers," AptiQuant investigators composed in the report.

The mean IQ for persons utilising Internet Explorer 7 was furthermore discovered to be somewhat more than 80 points. For users of Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 it was round 90 points. In evaluation, Firefox users were discovered to have an mean IQ of overhead 100. Chrome and Safari users had an mean IQ of overhead 110 points.

In 2003, Internet Explorer held a market share of over 90%. But after the appearance of Firefox in 2004 it gradually lost the ground. In latest years, Chrome and Safari too have taken a chunk out of Internet Explorer's market share. According to Net Applications, Internet Explorer had a market share of round 54% in June. In evaluation, Firefox had a market share of round 22% computers while Chrome had a share of 13%.
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