Friday, July 29, 2011

GoogleMinus Lets You Know Who Removed You From Google+

Google+ the new communal mesh presented by seek motor giant’s Google is quickly expanding since its born. Despite being in beta type (invite only) Google+ has surpassed the 10 million users enumerate in the first week of its launch.

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If you are luckily one of the client from that 10 million number then you should be enjoying the Google+ task with your associates and family constituents who are furthermore socializing on the identical communal network. While being on Google+ you should have observed one thing that if a client adds you on Google+ (that is by supplementingyou in his/her associates circle) you obtain a notification, whereas when a client eliminates you from Google+ (that is by eliminating you from his/her associates circle) you manage not get any notification.

Not to concern now, because we have discovered an so straightforward way through which you can glimpse whotaken you from Google+ associates circle. You should be marvelling how it could be done? Well, GoogleMinus is theresponse, GoogleMinus is a browser elongation that notifies Google+ users when somebody eliminates them from Google+ associates circle. The elongation can be established on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Once you have established the elongation you will obtain identical notification dispatched underneath, each time somebodyeliminates you from their Google+ circles.

Google Minus Extension

Download Link – GoogleMinus Extension.

Install the elongation now and glimpse if somebody eliminates you from his/her friend’s around on Google+.

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