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Rahat Fateh Ali rocks Lahore!

Singing maestro in dwelling homeland sways Lahoris to his beat

By Saira Agha

What a evening Wednesday’s was! Such a recollection of the vocalising maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will not be erased. Lahoris were blessed really to be even an inch’s space away from Ustaad Rahat. J&S organised Rahat Fateh Ali’s ‘Ishq Ka Safar’ was really an happening to be attended. Attended by the Pakistani latest tendency and melodies industry’s who’s who, J&S organised to coordinate a achievement happening giving Rahat Fateh Ali’s utmost hits.

The happening commenced with Ustaad Rahat vocalising ‘Aas Paas Hai Khuda’, and was commended immensely by every individual present. Not to mention, Rahat’s child connected in with the legend’s crooning, with the gathering wowed and spellbound by the performance.

A source of dignity for Pakistan, Rahat Fateh Ali has carried out what the clients illusion of. It is just what Natasha ‘Natty’ Hussain said in her concluding talk, “No Indian Bollywood melodies album is entire without Rahat’s pieces of music, and no Indian or Pakistani relish a melodies album without Rahat’s pieces of music being a part of it.”

Ending the display with Nusrat Fateh Ali’s ‘Mast Qalander Mast’ the happening was a certain shot achievement story.

Shah Rukh Khan recommends Priyanka Chopra

Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra

Shah Rukh Khan is altering his individual connection with Priyanka into a expert one. He's engaged suggesting PC to every other manufacturer and controller approaching to him with a script.

Despite employed with her in Don 2 and furthermore getting her to manage a cameo in Ra.One, Khan likes to manage more movies with her in the future. In the past things the two have considered some tasks, but they didn't actually materials. However, things are looking rather distinct now.

A source discloses how SRK-PC dosti has only turned hugely beneficial for the actress. "He decisively likes to work with her much more than before. There's a likelihood that he might be managing a Sajid Nadiadwala movie with her. Also he feels that their off computer display chemistry converts attractively on screen."

From Priyanka's viewpoint this is certain thing she's been liking to manage for the longest time. "Among the present allotment, it's only PC who he's displaying enthusiastic concern on employed with. Even though he's managing movies with Kareena and Katrina, granted a alternative his first fondness would decisively be his Don 2 co-star."


Nokia slips in smartphone market as Apple and Samsung overtake

Nokia had been number one but fell to third in the second quarter of this year with a 15 percent share of the international market. Apple has a 19 percent share and Samsung has 18 percent, as asserted by analysts Strategy Analytics.

Similar accounts from ABI Research and IDC verified Strategy Analytics’ findings. Apple went into the smartphone market just four years before so its increase is impressive. However, Strategy Analytics state that Samsung’s share is increasing more rapidly than Apple’s, proposing that the lead could change hands afresh soon.

“Having become the first ever vendor to boat 100 million smartphones in a lone year throughout 2010, long-time foremost Nokia has fell two locations in our rankings in Q2 2011,” said Tom Kang of Strategy Analytics. “The vendor’s 15 percent international market share is less than half of what it was just one year previous, as the commerce awaits Nokia’s pending transition to Windows Phone 7.”

According to ABI, 47 million Android smartphones were transported in the second quarter of 2011, with 34 percent of them being Samsung phones. HTC transported 23 percent of Android telephones and Sony Ericsson transported 11 per cent. Google’s functioning scheme now has a 46.4 percent share of the OS market, ABI said.

Though Nokia has lost its location at the peak of the smartphone market, it continues the number one wireless telephone constructor in the world, boats 24.2 percent of all telephones in the second quarter of this year. Samsung is second with 19.2 percent and LG is third with 6.8 per cent. Apple is in fourth location with 5.6 percent of shipments but is concluding the gap on LG.


Internet Explorer users are dumb: Study

NEW DELHI: If you are yet to ditch Internet Explorer 6, a web browser released in 2001, now is the time to manage it. Unless you desire to be called dumb. According to a study by AptiQuant, a psychometric conferring business in the US, the average IQ of persons using Internet Explorer 6 is just overhead 80 points. In evaluation, persons utilising Opera browser were discovered to have an mean IQ of over 120 points.

The study, which was made public on July 28, discloses that in 2006 the mean IQ of IE6 users was overhead 100. This entails that in the last five years, smarter users have currently shifted to other browsers. For its study, AptiQuant suggested free online IQ checks to over a 100,000 persons and then contrived the mean IQ tallies founded on the browser on which the check was taken.

"The study displayed a considerable connection between an individual's cognitive proficiency and their alternative of world broad web browser. From the check outcomes, it is a clear suggestion that persons on the smaller edge of the IQ scale are inclined to oppose a change/upgrade of their browsers," AptiQuant investigators composed in the report.

The mean IQ for persons utilising Internet Explorer 7 was furthermore discovered to be somewhat more than 80 points. For users of Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 9 it was round 90 points. In evaluation, Firefox users were discovered to have an mean IQ of overhead 100. Chrome and Safari users had an mean IQ of overhead 110 points.

In 2003, Internet Explorer held a market share of over 90%. But after the appearance of Firefox in 2004 it gradually lost the ground. In latest years, Chrome and Safari too have taken a chunk out of Internet Explorer's market share. According to Net Applications, Internet Explorer had a market share of round 54% in June. In evaluation, Firefox had a market share of round 22% computers while Chrome had a share of 13%.

Google buys more than 1,000 IBM patents

New York: Google, which last month failed to catch a gigantic portfolio of Nortel patents, has acquired more than 1,000 patents from IBM.

The new buy increases Google's thoughtful house portfolio which actually has just 700 patents.

The decrease of Nortel patents was a large-scale assault to Google as the seek motor was eager to yield any cost to beef up its bank of patents - which is the least significant amidst foremost wireless players.

Since Nortel-patented expertise is furthermore utilised in Google Android intelligent telephones, the Apple-led consortium have not only got the privileges to permit this expertise to protected royalties but furthermore gain market leverage vis-a-vis Google in the multi-trillion-dollar expertise field.

As Google is engaged in more than 45 patent lawsuits - the large-scale contrary to any foremost contestant - it is consolidating its patent bank to bypass future litigations.

Google has denied to affirm the cost it has paid for IBM patents.

"Like numerous tech businesses, at times we'll come by patents that are applicable to our enterprise needs. Bad programs patent litigation is a wasteful conflict that no one will win," a Google spokesperson was cited as saying by the LA Times Friday.

Google' well liked Android intelligent telephone functioning scheme is the goal of lawful challenges. Oracle is searching billions in damages from Google asserting that Android infringes its Java patents.

Facing so numerous patent-related lawsuits, Google has advised the US Federal Trade Commission to constrain this practice.

"Like numerous tech businesses, at times we'll come by patents that are applicable to our enterprise needs. Bad programs patent litigation is a wasteful conflict that no one will win," the Google spokesperson was cited a saying.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Do You "Search" People; Or "Google" Them | The Google Story Revealed

Have you ever considered of downloading ‘whole internet’ in your computer? That’s what founder of Google, Larry Page considered (and begun managing it too!)

The Google Story by David A. Vise & Mark Malseed notifies the article about two entrepreneurs behind Google – Sergey Brin & Larry Page.

We are dwelling in the world today in which we don’t ‘search’ persons, we ‘google’ them. Google hasaltered the way persons utilised to request information.

It was advised ‘impossible’ to have ‘whole internet’ on one computer. So, the Founders of Googleconstructed a entire mesh of computers to ‘download’ entire internet.

Companies encompassing Yahoo! and Alta Vista were advanced by the Stanford University with a proposal:

They were inquired to buy Google’s search scheme for USD 1 million…

What happened?

Yahoo!, Alta Vista and other seek motors refused the offer to buy Google as a study project.

This denial compelled founders of Google to fall out from Standford and start their own project…

Just believe what would have occurred if Yahoo! or any other seek motor would have acquired the studytask of two juvenile graduates!!!!

The only good seek motor accessible before Google was Alta Vista. Larry Page, the founder of Google, wasutilising Alta Vista. However, they were relentlessly considering that there is certain thing missing.Something which can be farther improved.

What was the missing link?

Larry Page presented the seek motor in Stanford University with the name…….

Now, can you estimate old name of Google?

Back Rub!

People at Stanford University utilised ‘back rub’ seek motor with Page Rank facility.

Both founders of Google considered to launch their study task commercially – there you go! – Back Rub……????


What should be the ‘catchy’ name of the project?

Both were ‘scientists’ and ‘mathematicians’. So they determined to title it ‘Googolplex’ which is a giganticnumber!

1 Googolplex =

1010,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Try to enumerate it :-)

However, after mind raging meetings and ‘spelling error’, googol became Google!

Now, the head quarter of Google is called: Googleplex! Take a gaze to Google head quarters in 3 minutes 20 seconds:

So recalls,

If you gaze at an vintage topic with new eyes,

You will get a new solution!

Here is how Google augment from 1995 onwards. Enjoy!

Appreciate obtaining your comments.

GoogleMinus Lets You Know Who Removed You From Google+

Google+ the new communal mesh presented by seek motor giant’s Google is quickly expanding since its born. Despite being in beta type (invite only) Google+ has surpassed the 10 million users enumerate in the first week of its launch.

Google Minus Logo

If you are luckily one of the client from that 10 million number then you should be enjoying the Google+ task with your associates and family constituents who are furthermore socializing on the identical communal network. While being on Google+ you should have observed one thing that if a client adds you on Google+ (that is by supplementingyou in his/her associates circle) you obtain a notification, whereas when a client eliminates you from Google+ (that is by eliminating you from his/her associates circle) you manage not get any notification.

Not to concern now, because we have discovered an so straightforward way through which you can glimpse whotaken you from Google+ associates circle. You should be marvelling how it could be done? Well, GoogleMinus is theresponse, GoogleMinus is a browser elongation that notifies Google+ users when somebody eliminates them from Google+ associates circle. The elongation can be established on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers. Once you have established the elongation you will obtain identical notification dispatched underneath, each time somebodyeliminates you from their Google+ circles.

Google Minus Extension

Download Link – GoogleMinus Extension.

Install the elongation now and glimpse if somebody eliminates you from his/her friend’s around on Google+.

Now You Can Add Your Expected Child To Facebook

Facebook users have been supplementing their family constituents for example Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc, in the family part under their profile pictures. Latest report by Facebook notifies us that users can now register that they have an anticipated progeny along with a due designated day and a title for the ‘unborn’ by selecting the “Expected Child” choice inside the family part, whereas no profile or sheet is conceived for the child. We have many more about this report after the break.

Expecting Child

The likeness overhead displays how it examines like when you select the “Expected Child” option.

To add this data to your profile, bang on “edit profile” on your profile page:

Facebook Profile

Then choose the Friends and Family option:

Friends and Family

Then eventually select the “Expected Child” choice, load up in the yearned data and save the alterations made.

"Expected Child"

There you proceed, all your Facebook associates now understand that you are anticipating a child!

Previously parents utilised profile images of ultra sound scan accounts and statuses to notify their Facebook friends about their anticipated progeny, so now they don’t have to conceive distinct profiles for their anticipated progeny with ultrasounds as profile picture.

Give us your remarks if you discovered this mail useful.


Twitterize Yourself Lets You Generate Your Own Twitter Infographic

We have dispatched some fine assemblage of infographics previously on our location, but today we are going to share the finest for our readers to see., the location on which you can discover many infographics, has conceived anoutstanding infographic device which is entitled as ‘Twitterize Yourself’, the device let you develop your own Twitter infographic by utilising facts and numbers from your Twitter account’s tweets. Read how to use it after the break.

Twitterize Yourself Logo

The Twitterize Yourself device can be come to at, one time you are on the page:

* You will glimpse an infographic formed device with a ‘Sign in with Twitter’ button at peak, bang the button to signalin with your Twitter account.

* Once you are marked in, you will glimpse two infographic kind choices to choose underneath, you can either choose‘solographic’ for just conceiving your own Twitter infographic, or you can opt for ‘Faceoff’ for conceiving an infographic which exhibitions the evaluation of your own Twitter facts and numbers with a random celebrity’s Twitter data.

* Enter Twitter anecdotes, for demonstration in first carton you can compose your own username and depart the second carton empty for a assortment of random celebrity, or you can even contrast two celebrity’s Twitter anecdotesby typing their usernames in the granted boxes.

* You can even customize your feature by choosing the gender, hair hue, hair method, eye hue, skin pitch and accessory.

* In last just strike the azure ‘Generate Infograhic’ button to glimpse certain thing distributed below:

Sheeraz Raza vs Barack Obama

How it works? Explanation by

We are Using facts and numbers from your Twitter account’s tweets (posts) blended with some twitter facts andnumbers from our associates over at infochimps. Our Twitterize yourself device will develop an infographic in an instant founded upon your information.

The ‘outfits’ and ‘accessories’ are selected founded upon keywords most affiliated for you. For demonstration, if you tweet many about wine makers, you will glimpse a wine glass in your hand; Go to the ballpark often? Then your avatar will be clothed in a sports jersey and so on. There are a total of 11 likely outfits that depict your general Twittercharacter and 29 distinct accessories that could be allotted to display your interests.

We don’t halt there, though! You’ll furthermore glimpse cooling design drawings of facts and numbers depicting theallowance of tweets, followers, persons you’re next and the allowance of tweets you glimpse per day. If you’ve selectedto contrast yourself to another Twitter client (including a celebrity account), you’ll furthermore glimpse who’s thelarger retweeter, who’s more communal, who’s more intriguing and what your relative followers to next ratios are, as well as topics you possibly have in common.

Once the exclusive Twitterize yourself infographic has been conceived, you can share with your associates byTwitter and Facebook and on your blog with ease.

The Android Tale [INFOGRAPHIC]

Remember those childhood days, when our parents use to notify fairy-tales to barrack us up? Well, it appears those days are back, but in a distinct manner. As we are developed up now, we manage not proceed for fairy tales, but wefavour looking at certain thing dispatched after the break.

Android Logo

The underneath shared Android Story Infographic is a creation of [x]cube LABS:

The Android Story Infographic

Google Launches Hotel Search Tool With Room Price Data

Google has commenced Hotel Finder, an untested seek device,which endows users to characterise key lodging preferences in wantsof finding the flawless inn for their journey needs.

Users input their favoured position, designated days, cost andranking minutia, and Hotel Finder delivers its peak recommendations, in a register or on a Google Map. For the instant, it’s only accessiblein the U.S.

Here’s how Google aims to advance inn searching with this tool:

  • Finding the flawless location. If you’re not a localized, it can be tough to number out what locality of a town you should stay in. Hotel Finder best features well liked localities on the chart results. Google calls this the “tourist spotlight,” and it is utilised to work out an optimal zone for you to stay in. The form of this locality can be modified toaim on a lesser area. This is helpful if you’ve got a uneven place travelled to in brain, for example along the Hudson River or beside Times Square.
  • Getting a good deal: Users can select a cost variety to seek inside, as well as contrast that hotel’s chronicledcharge facts and numbers to its present records price. Clicking on a inn will convey up the cost of a room perevening and how that compares to preceding prices. Google calculates what percentage the cost is overhead orunderneath the normal. Bargain hunters, start your engines.
  • Comparing hotels: Hotel Finder simplifies relative shopping. When users bang on on a inn, its full minutia burst up,encompassing photographs, Google Places reconsiders, charge and other information. You rapidly flip throughoutcomes by utilising keyboard shortcuts (“J” and “K”) inside the register outlook — a characteristic furthermorediscovered in Google Reader and Google News.
  • Making a shortlist: Users can construct a shortlist of inns they’d like to contrast further. These outcomes areassessed with a red spot in the Google Maps outlook, and emerge at the peak of the sheet in the register view.

Click on the “Book” button in either outlook and a register of external choices are shown. Clicking on a registrationchoice drags up that location — for example Priceline or Expedia — in a new tab. (Google isn’t getting into theenterprise of registration inns itself.)

Take a gaze at Hotel Finder’s characteristics in the gallery underneath, check it out and let us what you believe about the new device in the remarks below. How does it contrast to other hotel-shopping methods?


Google+ One Month Later: What’s Next?

It’s been precisely one month since Google+ made its debut. The communalmesh was conceived to be more than just Google’s answer to Facebook; it’s “an elongation of Google itself,” as Google SVP Vic Gundotra notified us before launch. After the failure of Google Wave and Google Buzz, Google+ is the seek giant’s last best possibility to catch a part of the social-networking pie.

So one month in, how’s it doing?

Pretty well, by most accounts. Google+ has become the fastest-growing communal mesh in history. Thanks to aequitable number of affirmative reconsiders, it has acquired more than 20 million users — a phenomenal accomplishment by any standard.

At the identical time, there are indications that Google+ is mislaying steam, and that it could have an early adopter problem.


Rapid Growth

When Google+ first launched, Mashable readers had a mostly affirmative answer to it. Nearly 50% of respondents in our sample said they loved it, even before they performed with it.

The love activity didn’t halt there, though. There was high demand for Google+ invites during the communal network’s first week of existence. Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, far from shunning the competitor service, rapidlybecame Google+’s most well liked user. Many of our readers even said they designed to defect from Facebook in favor of Google+.

Google+ proceeded to gain vapour andhit 10 million users sometime round July 12. Celebrities and public numbers for example William Shatner, Paris Hilton and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have adopted the service,whereas tech celebs like Leo Laporte and Robert Scoble stay the communal network’s superior figures.

Google+ had 20 million exclusive visitors on June 22, as asserted by comScore.

Growing Pains

Google+’s ascension to the top echelons of communal networking hasn’t been solely smooth. Its first foremost issue: poor management of Google+ profiles for enterprises and brands.

When the service first commenced, numerous businesses (including Mashable) hurried to conceive profiles. But itshortly appeared that Google didn’t propose enterprises to use the stage, and it asked businesses to contain off onconceiving profiles.

Google hovering some enterprise profiles and left other ones open. This inconsistent set about produced in afirestorm of criticism from some quarters. The seek monster has since accelerated the launch of Google+ enterprise profiles, though this apparently should have been a main concern from the start.

The seek monster has furthermore obtained some flak for a signal of suspensions last weekend surrounding the company’s “common name” policy. It hovering profiles with uncommon titles in an try to battle spam and phony profiles. In managing so, it hovering some legitimate anecdotes and pseudonyms. Google has since said it is assessing its suspension practices.

The communal network’s large-scale difficulty isn’t this kind of argument, however; it’s finding modes to maintaingrowth.Traffic has dipped in the past week. Anecdotal clues furthermore proposes the large-scale hurry to connectGoogle+ has passed. It’s topped up with early adopters, but still needs the mainstream assembly that holds a communalmesh relevant.

When we first reviewed Google+, we had a affirmative but careful evaluation of the communal network. A monthsubsequent, that evaluation continues unchanged.

Google+ is a solid merchandise, but that’s to be anticipated from this company. The genuine dispute is appealing the mainstream users after early adopters. Getting to 20 million users might sound outstanding, but it’s still a fall in the bucket in evaluation to Facebook’s 750 million users.

That said, Google+ hasn’t even commenced publicly. The tech titan hasn’t expended any time trading Google+ to its mainstream users. Once it undoes the doorways, millions of persons will glimpse notifications in their Google navigation bar and be recalled that persons are conversing to them on Google+. And all it takes for Mom and Dad to discoverabout Google+ is one little connection on the homepage they currently visit.

Google+ is a long-run play and will not be assessed in short-term profits or losses. It’s going to be numerous more months until we understand what location, if any, Google+ has in the communal newspapers universe.