Monday, April 25, 2011

Windows Phone 7 gets Nokia Ovi Maps

It was just last week that Nokia and Microsoft, finally made the agreement signed, which in return will let Microsoft and Nokia collaborate and produce the next wave of Nokia Smartphones, based on Windows Phone platforms.
Stephen Elop announced that Nokia has “shifted from a mode of developing our strategy to one of putting our strategy into action”.
We did read that Nokia would be providing navigation and mapping expertise to Microsoft Windows Phone, and this has come to no surprise that Nokia's Ovi Maps, which are by far the best navigation services you can get on your smartphone, will power the Windows Phone 7.

Moreover, Ovi Maps have now gone 3D, and has a desktop version on top with top notch technological features, which makes sure you get as realistic as possible while navigating or routing your destinations. And it has also come as a surprise that reviews show Ovi maps being par to Google Maps. Here is the new Ovi 3D expression

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