Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Meetings Productive


When you have lot to do in minimum time, it requires some superb time management and skills, to get things done the way you want, in the time that you had set. Making Meetings happen, has the same philosophy attached. You can't just end up going to everyone, knowing everything and responding to all. But if you do so, you need to be quick and manage them efficiently and effectively. Always remember to:

  1. Pre Plan  all your agendas, so that you are aware of what to talk, and to whom to talk, in order to maximize the productivity and effectively conduct them.

  2. Make it Short by trying to discuss what is required, rather than thinking to go to India and have a delicious meal. Making meetings short, concise and object oriented, gives you more time to respond and brainstorm on more plans and executions

  3. Forward via email, fax or memo, details of what have been discussed, who is responsible for which task and who is going to report the outcomes, mainly the crust of the meeting in no more than a page document.

So, the next time you have alot of meeting to manage and respond to, make sure you are well prepaerd and are ready to be effective for the right cause at the right time. Happy MEETING!!!


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