Saturday, April 30, 2011

European Regulators wants a Justification on Credit Default Swaps

The derivative that insures you against another person, and makes you sure that you will receive your money when the other person defaults, is under default by the European regulators. For some reasons, i like that they are being investigated, after knowing that those taxpayer money was soured into AIG, because it ad to pay those CDS to Goldman and other clients, that had insured or had short positions on their own debt and trades, thus, whatever the scenario, there is a likelihood that you will receive your money back. And this is also the main reason why many insurance companies and clearing hanks went busted, and with this also the overall financial markets dynamics was poised, which in return resulted in the financial crisis as we have all witnessed 3 years back.

So there are two investigations that have been put up by the European Regulators.

The First focuses on 16 banks in total, that work with a data provider called the Markit Group, based in London, designing pricing procedures and indices related to these swaps. Many of the banks also hold stakes in Markit. It is believed that Markit, had some clauses in their agreement and licenses, which resulted in loss of competition and made this accessible to clients that had an edge on the other players in the market. Thus in relation to the commissions comments, Markit officials said that it “has no exclusive arrangements with any data provider and makes its data and related products widely available to global market participants.”

The next set of investigation involves 9 banks, that play a major role in a procedure called clearing that regulators in the United States and Europe have promoted for several years as a better way to manage the risks posed by derivatives.

In return for partnering with the Intercontinental Exchange, a publicly traded company, the banks got a favorable deal with ICE that persists today. Not only did they get a major say in ICE’s rules on derivatives, the banks also share in ICE’s profits from clearing and enjoy a cap on the fees they pay for clearing.

The European Commission said the deal between ICE and the nine banks might be unfair to other players in the market. In particular, the commission criticized the cap on clearing fees. The banks are not obligated to pass on the benefits of the caps to their customers and could use part of their savings to undercut bids from new competitors.

The banks named in the ICE clearing investigation are JPMorgan, Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, Crédit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and UBS. In addition to those nine, the Markit inquiry also includes Wells Fargo, BNP Paribas, Commerzbank, HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Crédit Agricole and Société Générale. 

No wonder all of these banks have already under spotlight for misleading clients and causing the severe crisis that even made Greece a victim or the game.

I should also mention that in 2010, European Regulators did focused on understand what these CDS are and who operates in all of these markets, the major players and the banks involved in the production of these weapons of mass destruction. So, we can think on what new findings can be brought now in relation to these derivatives, that now constitute more than $600 trillion in market cap

When will Japan Go from 0 to 1?

Governor Masaaki Shirakawa
Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa said on Saturday "We'd like to take appropriate policy steps as needed while monitoring the economy and prices, taking into account that uncertainty over the outlook is high,"
 It hasn't been easy for Japan to come out of the financial risis, but it has now become next to an impossible task for Japan to come out this earthquake crisis, which has now giving Japan a sad time. rfom a projection of 2.2% growth in GDP in January, they are now down to around 0.6% growth in GDP. Which is not a good sign.

Here is a another problem that is shaping up at the other side, Japan;s debt has now twice their GDP, and not so surprising  is their aging population. So i can't make up my mind on when can Japan truly cross this 0 barrier. What has been happening now is that the factory output due to this 9.0 earthquake has damaged Japan's economy so severely that their factory outputs have got disrupted very badly, with many major car makers working at 15% of their total capacities, and don't expect to return to full capacity than next year or so, spare parts have risen in costs, Nokia, has had a major hit as well.

No, what is going at the BOJ end. They are on course to loosen their monetary policy further and inject more cash into the economy, so that more credit is easily accessible. Now here is the surprise package, they are already having the interest rates at 0-0.10%, and what more loosen the policy would mean for the ailing economy. Where as on the other side of the world, USA has said that it would stop their QE2 measures in June, as well as that Europe had a rise in their rates to 1%. So this way from 0 to 1, is going to put the world on their toes still as Japan's exports won't be available to the markets still till the end of the year, and also that there is a high risk of inflation as well, which has started to take some charge in many developed economies such as Europe, USA and China.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Selling your new Business

Entrepreneurs, usually build up on an idea, which is so unique and consumable, that when it reaches the best point, it comes in the radar of VCs and yet, is well invested or bought by them. But as you grow or invest in your new idea, think before you sell it.

It might look funny but think on the idea THE SOCIAL NETWORK, gave to the world. When Zukerberg was ready with the idea, he didn't sell the idea to the VCs, he was advised by Shaun arker, to make himself the CEO and let it remain public, making sure it is developed and framed to what Mark wanted it to be.

So, its the best thing i can also come up with, while thinking on the same lines, like, you should think before you want to sell your new business. An example of Victoria Secrets is in front of everyone. So before thinking to sell, think:

  1. Do I need to sell? Explore whether there are other options such as investing in assets with long-term value that push this question off until you are ready.
  2. Can I take some chips off the table? Look at other options such as a recap, a dividend, or a partial sale of your stock.
  3. Do I want to sell? What you want personally is as important as the dollar amount you might get. Ask yourself whether you will be happy or feel as if you sold out too soon.
Curtosy: HBR Management tip of the Day

Nokia to mix and move 7,000 employees

There has been some troubles for Nokia over the few years due to Apple and Google, making sure they take full advantage of Nokia's incapability to understand and react slowly to the rising technological and software demands of consumers.

This is in result going to affect the employees as well, as Nokia today announced that it will lay off almost 4,000 employees worldwide, in order to reduce cost, boost profits and productivity. Nokia said that it would transfer a further 3,000 employees to consultancy Accenture, which will take over Nokia's Symbian software product.

The company also said that, the most job cuts would be in Britain, Finland and Denmark, where as other employees working in China, India, Denmark, US and Finland would work closely with Accenture and produce software for their platforms.

Microsoft and Nokia agreed to use Nokia's hardware capabilities and Microsoft's strong Software products to partner in take back the lost market share to Apple and Google, thus, termed as the war of ecosystems, this would make sure that the best of gaming, maps, navigation, office and cloud integration is provided to the consumers of both companies and the markets in particular.
Stephen Elop, Nokia president "With this new focus, we also will face reductions in our workforce. This is a difficult reality, and we are working closely with our employees and partners to identify long-term re-employment programmes for the talented people of Nokia."
 NOK, Nokia's share prices have been trading at around $8.97, in Pre Market trading, and being 2.07% up as we speak, at $8.86 from $8.64


One of UK's biggest Banking group, Barclays, announced their 2011 Q1 results today, but the results are below forecasts of many analysts, for the reason being a hit on their own debt products and dip in their investment banking arm Barcap profits.

So here are the financial highlights for the Group. It should be noted that all these amounts include barclays own credit transactions details.
  • Group Profits were down 9% to £1.7 billion from £1.9 billion pounds a year before. 
  • Income was down 8% to £7.4 billion from £8 billion pounds last year.
  • Profits after tax are down 5% to £1.2 billion from £1.3 billion last year.
  • Basic EPS being 8.5p from 9.3p, a decline of 9% as well, while the dividends are same at1.0p
  • Return on Shareholder Equity including own credit is 8.1% which is also down from 2010 Q1 quarter of 8.7%
  • Barclays Capital top-line income of £3,278m down 15% (2010: £3,845m), reflecting a decline of 22% in Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities and increases of 11% in Equities and Prime Services and 10% in Investment Banking
  • Impairment of £921m improved 39% (2010: £1,508m) giving a year-to-date annualised loan loss rate of 76bps (2010:112bps) including a £190m release of the impairment allowance relating to the loan to Protium
In order to reshape the banking assets and performance stars, New chief executive Bob Diamond is planning to sell assets boost profitability. The bank was on track to achieve 500 million pounds ($823 million) of cost savings this year. 

But with the results, there has also been some controversies regarding the idea that Barclays hasn;t disclosed all its bonus package details, which might amount to £1.4 billion, WSJ stated.
The Pensions & Investment Research Consultants said that after poring through Barclays 2010 annual report "there appears to be £1.4 billion of bonuses awarded and the tax thereon that has not been put through the profit and loss account."
CEO Bob Diamond
 After taking over as CEO in January, Diamond's salary was lifted to £1.35 million, 23% more than that of his predecessor John Varley.. Where there also reports that he might be entitled to a £6.35 billion as well, and other share purchase bonuses. Anyhow, in a statement, Bob Diamond outlined the challening market conditions Barclays was exposed to .
".........challenging external environment" and the bank had increased gross new lending to UK households and businesses with £9.9bn being offered compared with £9bn at the start of 2010. We continue to engage actively with governments and regulatory bodies in the UK and internationally on banking reform. We are committed to assisting the process of change and are aligned with the objectives of reducing the risk of failure of financial institutions. We believe that resolution plans will play a vital role in allowing a bank to fail while ensuring that essential banking services remain operable. We are proactively engaged with the UK Financial Services Authority, the Financial Stability Board and at a G20 level to help develop and put in place such plans on a cross-border basis."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TRG 159th Session - Employee Engagement

Please visit Facebook Page Here or You can visit TRG Homepage for more details as well.

The Event is on Thursday 28th April, 2011 and you can also pay on the entrance. A event to meet HR professionals as well as many of the leading corporates, with the best content to make you excel in your professional life

Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Meetings Productive


When you have lot to do in minimum time, it requires some superb time management and skills, to get things done the way you want, in the time that you had set. Making Meetings happen, has the same philosophy attached. You can't just end up going to everyone, knowing everything and responding to all. But if you do so, you need to be quick and manage them efficiently and effectively. Always remember to:

  1. Pre Plan  all your agendas, so that you are aware of what to talk, and to whom to talk, in order to maximize the productivity and effectively conduct them.

  2. Make it Short by trying to discuss what is required, rather than thinking to go to India and have a delicious meal. Making meetings short, concise and object oriented, gives you more time to respond and brainstorm on more plans and executions

  3. Forward via email, fax or memo, details of what have been discussed, who is responsible for which task and who is going to report the outcomes, mainly the crust of the meeting in no more than a page document.

So, the next time you have alot of meeting to manage and respond to, make sure you are well prepaerd and are ready to be effective for the right cause at the right time. Happy MEETING!!!


Windows Phone 7 gets Nokia Ovi Maps

It was just last week that Nokia and Microsoft, finally made the agreement signed, which in return will let Microsoft and Nokia collaborate and produce the next wave of Nokia Smartphones, based on Windows Phone platforms.
Stephen Elop announced that Nokia has “shifted from a mode of developing our strategy to one of putting our strategy into action”.
We did read that Nokia would be providing navigation and mapping expertise to Microsoft Windows Phone, and this has come to no surprise that Nokia's Ovi Maps, which are by far the best navigation services you can get on your smartphone, will power the Windows Phone 7.

Moreover, Ovi Maps have now gone 3D, and has a desktop version on top with top notch technological features, which makes sure you get as realistic as possible while navigating or routing your destinations. And it has also come as a surprise that reviews show Ovi maps being par to Google Maps. Here is the new Ovi 3D expression

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Credit Ratings of The Credit Agencies of United States of America

Before starting this post, can someone tell me How are the ratings made and are they influenced, or biased or unbiased or they are just RATINGS.

Let me be specific with what i want to achieve. Its simple, if i am not wrong, these are the agencies who said, those mortgages are so good, BUY THEM.... AAA Rated Bonds and assets, in 2007 become junk. Now can we derive that subsequently, AAA rated bonds mean that they are bonds, that are going to become junk and will be worth pebbles. And thus, before going any forward, i can conclude that AAA ratings by S&P means that they are junk bonds and those who have invested in them should be ready to see them get sunk.

Now the rating agencies and The all powerful, United States of America, the bearer of Dollar. The US Dollar, which is the base currency and a benchmark for every country. Oil, Gold, Profit and Loss, everything is denoted with a $ sign before it. You all would have had known by now that our dear $ has been given a "NEGATIVE OUTLOOK" by Standard's and Poor's. 

Now what is Standard and Poor's? It is a rating agency with two other counterparts Fitch and Moody's. 

What work they do? They before the subprime crisis of 2007, or should i say, when the world was a happy place, used to give ratings to subprime mortgagees, and CDOs and ABSs, Sovereign Debt, Commercial Papers, Fized Income Securities, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Countries and all kind of derivative, that can be sued to be termed as the Weapons of Mass Destruction or in simple language, can be exchanged for a paper known is currency. 

Who gave them work? Too Big to Fail Banks and Financial Institutions such as Lehman Brothers, that ended while taking the world with it in 2008, Goldman Sachs, that made record Profits in 2009 when the financial markets were in turmoil, Bank of America that tool over Meryll Lynch, and many more.

What are the ratings? Ratings are alphabets and numbers and symbols, that are used to denote which country or instrument or asset is at which stage of getting termed junk. AAA means the best asset that will get junk, D means, the asset is a junk.

So now when you know all the details in simple words, we are going to see what the AAA ratings means in and for USA.

In USA AAA rated bonds are requirements by the pension and retrement funds to invest in, in order to make sure a steady return is generated on assets that will yeild enough returns that might not be termed risky. The same AAA rating is for Germany who is in surplus and the same AAA rating was for iceland which had debt many times its GDP. The same AAA rating was for US Treasury bonds, termed as the safest investment in the world, and yet again AAA was also rated for the next to burst subprime and leveraged bonds and debts.

US being downgraded to negative, is of in my opinion not a indication of what USA hold behind the enormous $14 trillion debt ceiling, if anyone is aware of this, might say that USA cannot default, how can the super power dry out of cash. But S&P issued this outlook as a bell for Mr Obama to think on thier rising debt, that is now from public to private. In all, USA might say that, so what, you downgraded us, we can print and print and we will pay it all, not to worry at all. 

I read the Fox Business reporter Peter Barnes interview at Bloomberg on thursday, see what Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has to say, while asked a few questions regarding USA being downgraded by credit agencies.
Tim Geithne
Peter Barnes: Is there a risk that the United States could lose its AAA credit rating? Yes or no
Tim Geithner: No risk of that
Peter Barnes: No risk?
Tim Geithner: No risk

Tim Geithner: he chance of a downgrade is zero. S&P says the odds it will cut its rating might be greater than one out of three

Think again, who to trust now. Rating agencies who ahve rated more than 200 countries in this wold, making sure that the general public knows it all, if only they were correct in 2007-2008, or the governments. This is What the credit rating agencies of United States of America Are.

I can guarantee, that no politician is going to say that the government is going to default or the government is thinking of a debt restructure, or a government is under immense pressure, it is not just their style. Then Whats the point of going through such lengthy reports.
Mr Barrack Obama

We are not yet out of the dark shades of the credit crisis, which has now become debt crisis. Its all a parable now, on who we can turn to the correct information. But things are not good in relation to the reports that US dolalr is under pressure and it is at its record three year lows against the basket of currencies, moreover, it needs spending cuts and much support and thinking from the people, knowing that Mr Obama's administration can't just sit on ben Bernenke's QE and still hope of an economic revival. Time to wake up!!!

Transfer & Convertibility Assessment
RatingsRating DateRegulatory IdentifiersLast Credit Rating Action/
Local Long TermAAA01-Nov-2005--
Issuer Credit Rating
RatingsRating DateRegulatory IdentifiersLast Credit Rating Action/
Foreign Long TermAAA01-Jan-1941--18-Apr-2011
Outlook Negative
Foreign Short TermA-1+01-Jan-1981--
Local Long TermAAA27-Jul-1992--18-Apr-2011
Outlook Negative
Local Short TermA-1+27-Jul-1992--
Source S&P website

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why bailouts from European Union are of no use

When you see EU, making sure that the solidarity of its nationals and members states is saved, it still forgets that Eu is not the united states, it is a union , which has members of all levels. You see a Germany who is in surplus, and then you have a Greece, who has a bail out loan which is as much as Germany's trade surplice.

If though with some consistence, i might say that it would be better if all these greedy nations get bankrupt, but i also know the consequences of such a though. While the normal public fights against the austerity measures documented by and required by the Eu and the member nations, the fact still remains that in general the banking sector are making enough money for bonuses to be paid on time.
Monday's move in Greek 2 year note yields

With regards to what we have seen this week in start as the yields on Greece bonds have shot up to 20.34% on Monday, its possibly clear that there is a clear chance of default by Greece and nothing but a fable debt restructure is around. And if not, what makes people think that Greece would be able to repay all this loan, their debt will increase to almost 160% of their GDP within two years time and if i take all those unsecured loans and liabilities it might reach as much as 700-800%. Moreover, you can always think tht IMF and EU bailout loans are more senior and are of more priority, and the other nations who have been investing in the debt, can start to make sure the next source of interest for them. Greece has always been in such state of default, like what you can expect when a nation keeps on borrowing to fund its trade deficits and consistently manipulate its balance sheets to make investors happy. This as Buffet said, weapons of mass destruction, are now making not a nation but a union come under pressure, although nations like Germany and France are part of such Union, it still makes them under pressure from their taxpayers, as well as their parliaments.
Bank of Greece governor George Provopoulos said."[A debt restructuring] is neither necessary nor desirable. It would have disastrous consequences for the access of the government and of Greek enterprises to international financial markets, as well as very negative effects on the assets of pension funds, banks and individuals holding Greek government securities."
Can Mr Provopoulos please explain us how can he stop such a disaster from happening, while still thinking where were his men doing, when those derivatives and borrowing were making his economy fuel a credit bubble.

So we head back to the Euro, which is going fine at this point, because Spain hasn't had a bad point to tell, and as far as Spain can keep things quite and doesn't come up with a proposal for a bailout like Portugal, there is a hope that Euro would remain stable. But What is making things worse is the win by the True Finns, which may make sure that Portugal doesn't receives a bailout and no more bailouts are forwarded as well..

The True Finn leader celebrates his party's success in Finland's national election
Although you won;t give importance to what happens in Finland and what their election results are, but now, you will take keen interest in those Finns. Let me tell you why. Because now the True Finns after winning elections are third largest party in Finland, and yes for all to know, they are against any kinds of bailouts and government funding that makes use of tax payers money for risk. So now this is a kind of worry that Portugal, France, Germany and Eu heads should come across. There is going to be a talk in May but stil, June would be a difficult month for Portugal, as there are chances that Finland's government and parliament might not approve such a bailout. Asa CNN report says:
As a rule, Finnish elections don't tend to generate much international excitement – but last night’s election victory by the eurosceptic party True Finns has turned that rule on its head. A normally stolid member of the eurozone with billions of dollars of exposure to bailout funds and loan facilities, the new-look Finland could potentially scupper any further bailouts and plunge the euro project into a new crisis
Here's why: Bailouts – like the EU bailout of Portugal, expected in June – require the agreement of all 17 members. And Finland, unlike its eurozone partners, has to put all requests for bailouts to a majority vote in parliament. That’s very bad news for Portugal, which just last month became the third eurozone member to ask the EU and IMF for a bailout.
Angila Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy in a EU Summit 2010
So now, the actual concern for me isn't Finland, it might be for the EU and Portuguese government, what will raise eyebrows, is the tendency of these nations to repay all this debt, on the expense of extensive government cuts in development and retirement budgets, and then there are these health related returns, subsidies and employment benefits, on the expense of governments that borrowed in 2000-2006 and the use of their own greed to fuel a credit bubble that has made sovereign nations come down to their keens.

This year would tell, what kind of an impact all those bailouts have been having and moreever, what will be used to restructure these debt, making sure that the financial markets can still hold a shock that is coming their way. And TRUST ME ON THIS, i am not Raghrum Rajan or Roubini or Greenspan, but there is another Debt Crisis in the making, because there is no way nations can repay as much as $700 bn,  and also try to make sure their inflationary pressures are stable.

Alot to do which should have been thought before.

Friday, April 22, 2011



It is Pakistan; this is how things work here.
Yeh Pakistan hay, Yahan Aisa Hee Chalta Hay (YAHCH)
You all must have heard this phrase every other day & we generally use or should I say ABUSE it after doing unethical or illegal practices. We break the signal & when someone asks why did we do it? We simply say “Yeh Pakistan hay, Yahan Aisa Hee Chalta Hay” (YAHCH), whenever we are caught by traffic police we bribe them & someone tells us that it’s unethical, our answer YAHCH :)

Whenever we need to get any thing done, be it renewing driving license, getting certificates attested, getting a new driving license, applying for passport; we bribe officials without even a second thought & when someone asks why did we bribe we blame the system & say YAHCH

We blame the system but forget the fact that system is formulated by us; if it’s corrupt then WE are responsible for it. We all complaint that what can one individual do but at the same time forget the power of one. So why to break a traffic signal, a minute won't makeyou late, and why to spend money making sure a work is done, while ore satisfaction is achieved while you accomplish something. Think on these small things, that will make your society a better place, things start from home and an individual for instance

And yes this isn't an attack on the way things are done in Pakistan alone, as there can be numerous examples on how the corporate sector is bribed in the US and UK. So in general, doing something against law to make a work done, is easy but think on the facts that your own dignity is what matters most.

Now what can we as individuals do?? Let’s start doing one simple thing, just edit a single word “Hee” with “Nahee”. So next time one of our friends, family etc break the signal & says YAHCH, just tell them that
“Yeh Pakistan Hay, Yahan Aisa NAHEE Chalta Hay” YANCH.
Replace YAHCH with YANCH & see the difference :)

Remember change has to be initiated by someone, let’s be the change we want to see in our society. If we the educated lot won’t start it then who would?

You can contact Me, or visit my Blog for more info

Think about it!



“This partnership goes well beyond mobile,” Sakalus added, noting that Nokia's mapping software will certainly be one of the applications which will go a long way toward changing things on both mobile and web.
We did come across the Q1 financial results of Nokia, which showed a 9% increase in sales and a 1.5% drop in earnings. But now we see the full signed agreement between Nokia and Microsoft, which has been finally out, and as per the guys of the respective companies, its before then expected. So this does gives us conformation that the deal is on for good and yes, Nokia is going to makes sure that there is a Nokia Windows Phone available to the customers, by the end of this year, and in volume shipments by start of 2012. You can also view the video in this post. There will still be support for Symbian with 150 million phones to be shipped, and this won't to some extent cause troubles to the Symbian phones, but eventually consumers would need to shift.

So here we see what is there for to offer.
  • Nokia will provide hardware design expertise.
  • Nokia will provide innovation to the ecosystem that would enhance, with contribute to the mapping, navigation and location based services for the windows phone platform.
  • Microsoft will provide Bing search services across the Nokia device portfolio as well as contributing strength in productivity, advertising, gaming, social media and a variety of other services.
  • Joint support and contribution towards global and networked applications, giving Symbian and Nokia developers, free registration to windows phone platform developer.
  • Windows Marketplace will give access to millions to consumers and developers the usage and publishing of Symbian S40 as well as smartphone platform and Windows Phone Apps.
  • Microsoft will receive a running royalty from Nokia for the Windows Phone platform, starting when the first Nokia products incorporating Windows Phone ship. These being reduced and competitive rates, knowing that the volume and consumer base Nokia has.
  • In recognition of the unique nature of Nokia's agreement with Microsoft and the contributions that Nokia is providing, Nokia will receive payments measured in the billions of dollars.
  • An agreement that recognizes the value of intellectual property and puts in place mechanisms for exchanging rights to intellectual property. Nokia will receive substantial payments under the agreement

Now, don't think i am biased with this partnership, think on your end, isnt this a workable merger, you can call it. Like you get the most evolved operating system after IOS and Android, and also that you get better services that keep you connected every single minute to your world. It gives you a brilliant edge when the new search services are enabled all across the platform, with developer apps as extras, better mapping and navigation from the OVI side, and superb productivity of Microsoft office products. A enhanced gaming hub that will provide you with the best of your choice and a fresh new look on how you spend and balance your personal and professional life. And yes, Nokia will bring Windows Phone to all pockets with price range for all, and yes great value for money.

I am very excited and you also have a very nice reason to be excited as well. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

NOKIA - Sales up but bumpy Challenges

It hasn't come to as a surprise that Nokia has been having a hard time making its profits, facts, as all known is the losses in Market share, which slid from 38 percent to 33 percent last year and from 33% to 29% up till now. Nokia, still hasn't given up when it comes to premium manufacturing and optimum hardware, with Symbian Anna and the latest Nokia X7 and Nokia E6 on release, there is still light at the end of the tunnel to make some lost ground and glory this year. Nokia's Shares have risen by 3% to $8.85 in pre market trading
SALES UP 9%  to 10.4 billion euros from 9.52 billion euros a year ago
EARNINGS DOWN 1.5% to 344 million euros ($502 million) from 349 million euros
Sales for Devices and Service unit showed a 6 percent gain to 7.1 billion euros. For the quarter, Nokia shipped a total of 108.5 million handsets, UP 1 percent from the prior year but a DOWN 12 percent from the fourth quarter. But the smartphones and other services are going at a lower prices, making the profits come down, even though there has been an increase in sales in the phones division
GEOFF BLABER, ANALYST, CCS INSIGHT "Performance was largely consistent with expectations and there will be a sigh of relief that there appeared to be no considerable downturn at the low-end to compound Nokia's difficulties in the high-tier."

What "IF I Don't Know This"?


When you get promoted to the post of a manager, you are expected to know it all. And who wants to say these words, "SORRY I DON'T HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT THIS". This will make others think that you are incompetent and are not well versed in your knowledge to perform a specific task. Many managers tend to make sure that they are up to date with the details of the latest happenings around and this will make sure their authority inst taken for granted.

Take it like this. You just entered your job market, and know it all on what derivatives are and how they are hedged, but in order to trade efficiently, your superiors guide you through a few tips and tricks to do so. A year or two passes and now you know more then them, and you are experienced as well. You now get promoted to a manager and your real test starts. Your juniors and your sub ordinates are learning from you, but one day someone asks you, "DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF HOW DCOs ARE VALUED?". Boom. Now this is where you got stuck. Causes that you never came across such a term, or you never had the time after being a manager to read something relating to it. And now you say "SORRY I DON'T HAVE AN IDEA ABOUT THIS". 

What i want you to understand is that there is no harm in saying this, thee is always a chance to go back and read around the things happening, obviously as a human, you can't know everything that is going around you, nor you can react to it, but be confident enough to say that this is something you have come across and reply more confidently that you will revert back with an answer.
  1. Make a habit of Lifelong learning, attend workshops, trainings, read books, attend executive coerces, not only they will help you make better decisions, but will make you confident
  2. Be Confident while you reply, don't try to dodge someone by saying something which inst relevant, think and come up with a adjustable answer, and return back to them after you are done with your readings
  3. Think on the notion of being supportive, what happens to you today, will happen to others tomorrow, make sure you embrace an environment of learning around and politeness in replies towards things that are alien to you.

Monday, April 18, 2011



When you are part of an organization that is operational in more than one territory, it could make your life miserable, if someone from Malaysia asks you to attend a conference call in Brussels, and what if that call is at 4am in the morning, what effect will it be on your productivity. Fair enough, its part of your job, but i suppose that even an executive deserves a good night sleep, and have a fresh start in the morning. But still things should be considered while making sure, that a global meeting that connects east to west, is as productive and efficient as possible. So have a quick look at a few tips.
  1. On or Off. Global meetings may require people to travel to a specific location, which obviously comes at a cost. So think if its necessary to be on the conference table or on phone conversations can be best.
  2. The right medium. Making sure that every attendant of the call is using the same medium of communication, helps the mood of the meeting. Be consistent on improvising the fact that face to face conversations should be for all, or for none. No one should get the chance of side talk.
  3. Turn by Turn Inconvenience. Why should there be injustice to someone in Brussels, and he is made to connect to a call at 4am in the morning, every time. Such things should be rotated if the time zones are upside down as in the cases of China and UK, or India and Brazil.
  4. Contingencies. Have a plan B ready if someone in your group isn’t able to attend the meeting, or if the call gets disrupted. Planned debriefs, agendas and profiles of those attending the meeting can be beneficial to people across the board.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UNKE MUTABIQ WITH SKK - Do You know the difference between Public Speaking and Training


The story starts in the ancient days when apples & blackberries were fruits, Pluto was a planet, Pentium 386 was the fastest micro processor in the world & when Public Speaking was synonymous to Training, Coaching, Guiding & even Mentoring :) . Anyway I am not worried about those good old days but the fact that even today many people are unable to understand the difference between them, well this freaks me out.
Young students, at times even professionals think that training & public speaking are one & the same thing however the story isn’t that simple :)

Let’s try to figure out the difference between the two in simplest way:

Public Speaking:
Public speaking is an art that could be gifted as well as mastered with practice & experience. To be a good public speaker one must either have or should develop these basic qualities:
  • Confidence
  • Gracious personality
  • Spontaneous mind
  • PR skills
So if you want to become a good public speaker, you know the checklist :D

Training is a field of science that needs to be studied, practiced & continuously worked upon to bring results. One must have the expertise on IDEA the individual is selling (1st hand experience of using & implementing the IDEA & not just ‘I have read the book Blue Ocean Strategy so I can train people on this’ mind frame)

Some of the most basic skills that are to be present in any professional trainer:
  • Attitude of being a Learner
  • Intellect & not just knowledge
  • Confidence
  • Composed personality & thoughts
  • Excellent people’s management skills (intellectually)
So the next time you come across someone who thinks Training & Public Speaking are one and the same thing just tell them that Pentium 386 isn’t the fastest micro processor in the world ;)

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