Friday, March 25, 2011

UNKE MUTABIQ WITH SKK - Thérapy de Smile :)


Thérapy de Smile :)

You all must be well aware of Laughter Therapy (first time used as therapy in 14th century or so as per some records) however I want to share something new with you. I have got the opportunity to work with a few organizations, dealt hundreds of customers and team members for the past 6 plus years & know what techniques work best for customers (both internal & external). One of those techniques that brought best results was SMILE THERAPY

I have observed that Laughter Therapy is very effective & brings good results too, however there are situations where it doesn’t work or we may say not practicable. So what do we do in such situations? The answer is using Smile Therapy

The next big question: why Smile Therapy (ST) & not Laughter Therapy (LT)? Well can you use LT in a meeting where you are discussing something serious, say KPIs? Can you use it while teaching your students? Or while delivering a presentation to your seniors? These are the times where you can use Smile Therapy instead.

I have personally observed the power of ST & the phenomenal results that can be achieved by practicing it. If you disagree or haven’t tried it yet then just try wearing your best smile for few days & see how you start feeling good. I bet your efficiency will increase without even putting any extra effort :)

I have seen that some of the best people in the industry are those who wear their best smiles whenever they enter the office and without even knowing they & their teams deliver exceptional results. In my opinion smile is one of the best sources of inspiration, confidence & peace. Mother Teresa once said that “Peace begins with a smile” & I can’t agree more with it.

How to use it?? Very simple… Just start wearing your best smile & see how people smile back at you. It’s like casting a magic spell & suddenly everyone around you starts smiling. I bet if you can put a smile on someone’s face the feeling you get would be mind-boggling :)

Wear your best smile, be optimistic & lead a happy life :)

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