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So What are the 4Ps of Job Placement

4 Ps of JOB Placement

Job market & placement is and has been one of the most discussed topics amongst the young graduates for a long time. There are different schools of thoughts on how to perceive it. I identify it as a Marketing undertaking where one markets himself & his capabilities.

Just like a marketer plans every step of his new product, right from idea generation to the product launch, you must also plan your marketing strategy.

During a job hunt, interview is just 20% of the mission. The big portion 80% is planning; which needs to be done before you enter the room for interview so never underestimate the power of planning.

You must have heard about the 4Ps of marketing (Plan, Price, Promote & Placement) & how they are responsible for the success or failure of the product, same goes for Job Placement.

You MUST plan your strategy in order for the product to be a success & here the product is

  • Plan: Planning is the foundation on which your product (that is YOU) will stand. You must plan every thing in advance (I literally mean it) from selecting clothes for the interview to how you will respond to their questions.

As the saying goes “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”
Remember the following key points:
1. Perform your SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, & Threats) analysis. You MUST know what your strengths & weaknesses are before opting for any job. I call it rule no.1 to remember. Know your strengths then focus on them & go for organizations or industries where you would have opportunities to grow & glow.
You must identify your weaknesses as well & choose the industry accordingly keeping the bigger picture in mind. For example if you are not a 24/7 person then you should not choose service industry as a career, because your Weakness (not being a 24/7 person) will become a Threat (you won’t survive in the industry) to your existence in that organization.
2. Be knowledgeable about the organization & the position you are applying for. Meet some of their employees in advance in order to find out more about the organization’s culture if you can.
3. Be mentally prepared for some out of the box questions & respond to them smartly. If you don’t know the answer be honest about it & don’t loose your confidence. Mostly these questions are asked just to see how confidently you handing difficult situations.

  • Price: In dictionary Price is defined as ‘The cost at which something is obtained’, so every product that one wants to acquire must be paid for. Since in our discussion the product is YOU, therefore, it is necessary to identify your market value. Many graduates fail to realize this fact & are unable to understand the importance of their market value.

Ask yourself following questions:
1. Once you have identified your market value ask your self WIIFT (What’s In It For Them?).
2. Why should that organization hire you?
3. What makes you special among the other graduates sitting in the same room for interview?
4. What’s your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition)

If you know the answers to these questions you have almost hit the bull’s eye ;)

  • Promote: A marketer always promotes his product in the best possible manner. Be it highlighting the characteristics & benefits of his product or the packaging itself. For a marketer his product is one of the best things in the world. You have to follow the same strategy, consider yourself as a product & then promote yourself.

Right from your resume to your dressing, everything must speak volumes about you & your intellectual capabilities, strengths and passion.

An important aspect which most of our young graduates forget to focus on is following their heart. You can do best when you want to do it from your heart. Do what you LOVE to do because when you start a job that you love to do, it no more remains a job but becomes a source of happiness for you.

  • Placement: A marketer knows the importance of placement of product & its role in success of the product. Just like a marketer you must also have a placement strategy for yourself. You must know what’s going on in the market; your eyes & ears must be open to experience & analyze the trends in the market.

A marketer keeps his target market in his mind while developing a product for them; similarly you must also know what your target market is (industry that you want to join) in order to successfully launch your product, which is YOU. Asking yourself following questions will help in this regard:
  • How is the overall market situation like?
  • What industry should I choose?
  • What is the recent trend in the industry I want to join?
  • What organizations should I apply for?
  • Whom should I approach & how should I make my move?
If you can answer these questions then you know where & how to place your product.

Some Routine Tips:
  • Be confident (Eye contact & a graceful smile shows confidence)
  • Market yourself in the best possible manner (dress smartly)
  • Get feedback from the interviewer, if possible
  • Know your worth
  • Pursue a career that gives you happiness
  • Do something extra (what’s your USP?)
Be optimistic Mr Jinnah once said “The difference between ordinary & the extra ordinary is just a little extra”

Wish you all the best & remember the ‘extra’ part while attempting anything in life :)

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