Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Your Honda Going to Be recalled

Yet again a car manufacturer is recalling cars, in order to rectify a flaw that MAY be a cause of severe

So Honda is again recalling around 21,700 Honda Civis, due to the possibility that fuel will leak in a roll-over crash, the company and U.S. regulators said on Thursday.

"If a vehicle is involved in a roll-over crash, a cracked roll-over valve may allow fuel leakage from the gasoline tank into the evaporative emissions canister," Honda said in a statement.
As information from Reuters came out, more than 18,000 cars will be recalled in the United States and about more than 3,600 in Canada, the company said.

Production in Japan is already disrupted due to the massive earthquake that came on Friday, 9.0 was the recorded on rector scale. Share of Honda Motor Co were trading at $35.35, down 4.3% at NASDAQ on closure yesturday

Honda recalled over 700,000 models in Asia and North America in February earlier this year, due a problem with a spring, that can make the engine stall. 
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