Thursday, March 17, 2011

So Tell Me Something About Your Weaknesses

Every reader of this blog, has had an interview in their life, job, insurance, university, there are all kinds of interviews. And yet there are questions by the interviewers, question that make us think, and if answered correctly ensure our presence for that post of event or situation.

If you have been asked a question "Mr. So So, what are your weaknesses?". And then you think on one, you are not prepared to tell, and suddenly you blew up the whole interview. These things do happen and yet matter alot, so HBR brought us the tip to amke sure you are comfortable while answering such questions.

  1. Prepare an answer. Yes, you need one. Make it brief, honest, trivial, and not a fault. If possible, use something out of your control. For example, "My biggest weakness is that my professional network is in Boston, but I'm looking to relocate to Los Angeles."
  2. Get input. Run your answer by a few friends and colleagues to make sure it sounds reasonable.
  3. Ask a question back. In the interview, deflect the attention away from you by ending your response with a question for the interviewer.
So its better that you make sure you are prepared to take advantage of every situation, and that your weaknesses are not exposed but highlighted in the interview.
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