Wednesday, February 23, 2011

QATAR to do more investing in UK

UK Prime Minister David Cameron with Qatar Prime Minister Sheikh Hammad bin Jassim
The flourshing economies of the middle east, and the overall reserves being pulled up by the oil they have, has helped deserts into the financial hubs of the world. And this doesnt stops here.

In 2008, UK's third largest bank Barclays, went to the east, rather than the doors of westminister, as they turned to China, Qatar and Abu Dhabi to invest in their banks, which has always had a safer risk appetite in comparison to the other counterparts, as far as i have heard. And this was in par, a key to Barclays, that had tried to be healthy while being in the financial crisis.

What's more to be heard is that the Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hammad bin Jassim, has expressed his interest in buying stakes in the banking sector of UK, mainly in Llyods and RBs, both banks had thier share of liquidity crisis in the doomed 2008 and 2009, making them nationalized by UK Government.

Also that the Qatari royal family's investment company bought Harrod's for a reported £1.5bn, while the Qatar Investment Authority owns about a quarter of retailer Sainsbury's as read by me on BBC. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim said he had "discussed some ideas" with Mr Cameron, who was visiting Qatar on Wednesday as part of a Middle East tour. "Our team has been engaged and we will continue to discuss investment in the UK," he added..

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