Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I would hope that all those who are reading this tip get promoted soon, and become Bosses, and excel in their lives and their careers at the best way possible. But when you get promoted, there is a whole new factor to consider. Before now you were being lead, now its your time to LEAD. And you need to understand that at times you would require to delegate and let your team achieve their goals themselves, and at times you need to be paternal and let things be done the way you want, though always remember, that you have to achieve your goals, effervescently and effectively

Good bosses strike a careful balance between telling people what to do and empowering them to do things on their own. Struggling with this balancing act is common, especially for new managers. Here are three ways to let others take ownership, while giving them what they need:

  1. Make goals clear. Your job is to make sure the team understands its objectives. But, leave it up to team members to decide how to achieve those goals.
  2. Share leadership. Identify informal leaders among the group who can take on roles such as heading up ad hoc task forces and arranging off-site meetings.
  3. Ask for solutions, not problems. When your team members encounter an obstacle, ask them to come to you to explain the problem and present a proposed solution. Encourage them to problem solve before asking for your perspective.

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