Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 900 - Is it true

I was just going through seeking alpha, and just came across Mark W. Bertolin article on  Nokia: In A Little Early, But Not Too Late.  Lumia 900 and the awaited info on suspense everyone is waiting for, can a Nokia Lumia 900 run Windows Phone 8, and i guess i have found an answer, if nothing goes wrong with my readings and understandings. As per Mr Mark, this is what he wrote:

"Last month, I had the good fortune to be invited to review Windows 8 on a Samsung tablet and the Nokia Lumina 900 while in Seattle. Nokia had been on my watch list since Microsoft (MSFT) announced its funding and support of Nokia. I left that meeting very impressed with both Windows 8 and most importantly the Lumina 900 with the new operating system."
I think this is the answer to all the questions we are going through,.

Nokia was trading at $2.95 at NASDAQ when the markets opened today, and has been ending in positive trend in past 2 trading sessions. But this won't happen today as the European Debt crisis and the Spanish bank woes have already taken a toll on the world financial markets. Nokia is trading at $2.75, being down 6.8%. This might be a turning info for all those waiting to see Windows Phone 8 running on a Nokia Lumia 900 or the existing Windows Phone generation that runs 7.5 Mango OS on them.

Nokia has also announced that they are going to start selling a limited edition Nokia Lumia 900 Batman edition, but might be only 900 lucky people would be able to grab their hands on them. Nokia expects to return to profit in 3Q of 2012, while they still have a below average 2Q 2012 result, which might be a result of falling Symbian sales.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Euro Debt Crisis - No End (Part 1)

Some years back, I thought Europe was a dream destination, where Money had no end, and Euro would be the basic replacement to the dollars. Debt won't be a trouble as Markets always had enough to feed the local countries they operated in, yet my idea soon doomed when the idea of Free Market Economies collapsed. Rightly so, Euro Debt Crisis, has no end, in other words, DEBT has no end. DEFAULT has already occured.

I ll try to cover in the parts to follow the debt levels, Western countries with under developed mentality, why Germany should stop its tax payer money from being wasted and Why Default ahs already occurred

I hope you all like documentaries, and those related to Crisis are heaven, from Euro Debt Crisis to the World Wars, they are all fun. lets have a look at The Wall Street Journals one such documentary, WSJ, hope you wont report me for copyright violation, no changes have been made to any of the parts present in this video.

Although this video is self explanatory, Euro is to dissolve or not is a paradox, although IMF Head Christine Lagarde said Euro will survive the present crisis in 2012, it is still unknown on how will this be dissolved. Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Budget deficits are souring, a bailout still means a default. yet Lehman had to get bankrupt for the banks in US to ask for billions and make subsequent profits on it, A default of Greece might turn out to be even more dramatic. Currently, its all in hands for Germany and France to get this all done and cleared.

Part 2, to focus on what is fisical and whats monetary, and A Default is already here

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

PONDering Upon Success

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So after a long time, we return to The Bizz, with an apology for being away for such a long  time, as well as being excited on what is there for the readers coming. Anyhow before going forward to US rating downgrades, and the unresolved debt crisis of the European Union (i wonder when will this story end), the dance of the Yellow guys (GOLD) and yes, did i ever forgot the fact that Facebook is getting ready for an IPO. There is so much to think on and observe, but i ll stick to simple stuff first.

successNow, our dear friend Sahib Karim Khan, SKK as known to many of US at The Bizz and Enlighter to the Public Speaking world, has very generously allowed us to share one of his Blogs, on the best recipe to Success. Infact one of the best, mostly acceptable and basic in nature, which will make a path for everyone who thinks otherwise. So Mr Einstein, we would start from one of your sayings, by the way there is no physics or ugly theorems attached to it.
Albert Einstein once said that “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
So the question is that are we Intelligent fools or Genius people with courage?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Huawei to launch smartphones in Pakistan by year end

Huawei set to launch smartphone handsets, roll out 3G services in Pakistan. 

Huawei is all set to launch its smartphone handsets in Pakistani market by the end of 2011, well before the roll out of 3G services in the homeland, Nadeem Aslam Malik, Director Enterprises Business at Huawei Pakistan said.

In an exclusive interview to ProPakistani, Malik said that Huawei labelled smartphones will be inexpensive for Pakistani clients, extending from Rs12,000 to Rs25,000 with characteristics and submissions for cellular users on GSM or 3G networks.
Huawei emblems have been profiting thriving repute in the localized and local markets considering in low-cost and high-end groups, he said. The company’s low-cost smartphone handsets have obtained very good enterprise in collaboration with its cellular partners including Ufone and Zong.
Presently, the business is employed on passages and trading of the handsets in the localized market to contend distinct emblems with affray on charge and stimulating boasts, Malik added.
Huawei focuses in reduced cost smartphones driven by Google’s Android functioning scheme and those with Windows platform.
Huawei has been bearing out its procedures for two mainstreams cellular operators in the case of infrastructure construction and handsets accessibility for large part of customers.
Malik said 3G is probable to strike Pakistan next year after deduction of regulatory activities, especially considering the roll out of 3G policy and auction of the permits to the cellular operators.
Network vendors for example Huawei will roll out personal infrastructure for 3G for cellular operators in a smallest of three months one time they are granted the green pointer from the partners and the controller, he said. The buying into on 3G is decisively important but its lucrative when it arrives to grade and capability of service offerings by operators.
“We have currently accomplished our assignment to roll out the personal mesh of 3G in Pakistan and are prepared to boot off procedures with the designs of our colleague cellular operators,” Director Huawei said.
Mobilink and Ufone, the two foremost operators, have currently endowed their systems with 3G expertise in past two years with Huawei in place to establish 3G expertise in some foremost towns in the first stage, he revealed.
“I believe cellular operators are reluctant to proceed for 3G expertise but they are involved in 4G, which is an sophisticated technology. But, Pakistan, is not the market for 4G or LTE because this service is after the affordability of the clients in evaluation with 3G,” he added.
Another thing to hold in brain is that a mesh swap from 3G to 4G is so straightforward, fast, inexpensive and does not engage numerous mechanical matters and difficulties, thus, there will be no require for another hefty buying into on 4G infrastructure when operators finds it apt to launch.
A type of this mail initially emerged on ProPakistani

Friday, August 12, 2011

Morning Tech Wrap: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn

Google+communal network. Thursday glimpsed the Internet monster start revolving out a sportbutton at the peak of users’ creeks, with Angry Birds amidst the first sport issued, according to Computer World.

Vic Gundotra, older vice leader of technology at Google, broadcast the new characteristic in a blog mail, noting that users couldconceal the sport sheets when they weren’t playing.

“The knowledge we have simultaneously are just as significant as to our relationships,” composes Gundotra. “We desire to make playing sport just as joy, and just as significant, as playing in genuine life.”

In a farther dispute to Facebook, Google is ascribing game developers just 5% chargerather than of Facebook’s 30%, VentureBeat reports. Since declaring its charge,Google+ could become far more appealing to promise developers as its clientgroundwork grows. The only apprehend is that the percentage is promotional, and arepaired rate is yet to be decided. With Facebook pledged to 30% though, it shouldn’t be hard for Google to impel its own slash up without too much dispute from developers.

Apparently battling back, Facebook has announced a set of enhancements to its own communal game platform. Users can now brag about achievements and leaderboard places on friends’ Facebook Walls, and there’s a new bookmark schemeon the homepage for so straightforward get access to to highly rankedapps,VentureBeat reports.